There's no feeling in the world that compares to the buzz of making a song your own in the moment by improvising an awesome sax solo...

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If you feel overwhelmed when you take a sax solo, or you lose your rhythm or can't create a melodic line through chords, Improvisation Mastery has all the step-by-step lessons you need, so you can jam over any song without sheet music, join a band and take legit solos, or just feel amazing expressing your unique creativity over a backing track.

Because you’re reading this, I know you wanna improvise better sax solos, so here’s a couple of questions to get you thinking… 

• What if there was ONE program that could enable you to freely improvise a melodic sax solo over any song? And...
• What if your new skills could boost your self-confidence, nurture your soul and even transform your social life?
If that course existed, would you want it?

Well...guess what? Now that course DOES exist!

At long last, there's ONE place where you can go to learn how to make a song your own, break free from the sheet music and play what you feel in the moment.

Not only does the art of improvisation make you a more complete musician and transform your social life by allowing you to join any band you want - it transports you to a different place...

Nothing can touch the feeling of freedom you get expressing how you feel through your own music, and when you throw in the connection and knowing glances you get between the other musicians and the way you can literally see the joy written on the faces of your audience, it’s an experience that will stay with you forever.

My name's Jamie Anderson and ever since I turned pro in 1995 I've been obsessed with improvising sax solos. After decades on stage with the likes of Chaka Khan, Incognito, Wet Wet Wet, Frankie Valli, and Joan Armatrading I discovered what REALLY makes a great solo, and I'd LOVE to share everything I know with YOU...

But was I born with the ability to improvise? No way man! I started off in exactly the same situation as you, so I can totally relate to your frustrations...

Forget blowing awesome solos, back in the early days I couldn't blow my nose! I used to get lost in the chord sequence all the time, I had no rhythm OR blues and, even though I knew the notes for certain blues scales or chords, I'd either instantly forget them in a flap, or the things I DID play sounded unmelodic and samey. No offence, but is any of this ringing any bells for YOU?

However, after many challenging years of investigation, and thousands of gigs in my moving "lab", I discovered a very simple, but powerful secret...

From beginners to advanced intermediates, virtually everybody is trying to improvise above their pay grade. You see, when I hear people improvise there's always huge deficiencies with their BASIC skills - like strong rhythm, simple chord tones, basic blues or pentatonic licks and leaving enough space.

Many, or even ALL of the most fundamental skills are missing because they’ve never had a systematic, start to finish program to follow, and the end result is getting lost in the sequence, not being able to think of the right notes quick enough, feeling swamped with theory and, worst of all, having weak groove.

So come on…own up…does this sound like YOU? But more importantly, are you ready to actually DO something about it?

You see, the things we focus our efforts on will improve a bit, but the things we focus our efforts on with an experienced teacher to guide us, will improve exponentially.

I’d love to be that teacher and guide for YOU. Instead of second guessing if what you’re doing is actually helping you or not, let me take all the guesswork out of your practice sessions.

I’ve spent my whole life practicing and taking solos onstage, so I KNOW what things are important to work on and what things are a waste of time, plus, I can give you ONLY the most bang for buck exercises that will transform your improvising.

In fact, based on my years of study and experience, I’ve already created a start to finish program just for you, with clear, manageable steps that’ll progressively transform you into the confident saxophone soloist you've always wanted to be.

It’s called Improvisation Mastery and it's an end-to-end online course that systematically lays out the exact steps you need to take to be able to confidently improvise an awesome sax solo of any song!

But getting back to the elephant in the room, maybe you’re now thinking “Ok, sure, I’d love to feel the buzz of performing with a consistent, pro-sounding tone - and maybe it’s not all about the gear after all, but... can someone like me, with little knowledge, ever achieve that sound?”

This course is a culmination of my lifetime's work, and whether you're 18 or 80, and whether you use one pentatonic for your solos or you blow over chord changes, Improvisation Mastery will take you from wherever you are all the way through to being able to create melodic and interesting lines through the most sophisticated chord changes

...all whilst keeping your groove, self expression and your all important creative spark front and centre!



About Improvisation Mastery...

It's An Online Only Video Course

You'll enjoy high quality 1080 HD video lessons, showing you exactly how to improvise like your saxophone heroes

You Can Access The Lessons From ANY Device

Formatted for any screen, you can stream Improvisation Mastery from any device with an internet connection, so you'll never miss a lesson

It's Simple To Use And Easy-To-Follow

The lessons are presented in a graceful, easy-to-follow interface, your progress is saved between sessions and every exercise is demonstrated step by step

You'll get Lifetime Access With One Fee

For a one-off payment you'll have unlimited access to Improvisation Mastery, and you won't be saddled with recurring monthly fees

Is Improvisation Mastery suitable for YOU?

This course will be a perfect fit for you, if you...
  • don't know where to start with improvising
  • don't know what notes "fit"
  • get lost in the sequence
  • can't work out the notes of chords quickly enough
  • can't seem to apply theory to make your lines sound good
  • easily lose your rhythm or you can't count AND play together
  • lack confidence
  • can't play what you can hear in your head
  • sound like you're playing arpeggios or scales instead of melodic solos
And you'll get huge benefit from the course if your goal is to...
  • get started with improvisation from scratch
  • play interesting and melodic lines that smoothly connect chords
  • tell a story when you solo
  • be able to work out what key you're in
  • improve your sense of rhythm, so you're not "hanging on" for dear life
  • master bebop lines over standards that "make the changes"

Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy with Improvisation Mastery...

  • You'll learn how to avoid getting overwhelmed or lost so you have more brain space left to focus on playing a flowing solo, which means you’ll be more able to express your unique creativity


  • You'll learn what notes to use, and HOW to play them so that you’re not left like a rabbit in the headlights on the bandstand, which means you’ll gain a new confidence when you improvise 


  • You'll discover how to overcome a poor sense of rhythm so you can play strong, punchy phrases that sit right in the pocket, which means your solos will sound great and you’ll feel satisfied and proud


  • You'll learn how to tell a story when you improvise so you’re not just running up and down scales or playing the same boring riffs, which means your solos will sound coherent and express the feelings you have in that moment
  • You'll discover how to make the melody of a song your own so you can break free from the sheet music and feel the buzz of creating something new with other musicians


  • You'll learn how to improvise properly over chord changes so you can smoothly connect the chords whilst sounding lyrical and interesting, which means your lines will feel more satisfying


  • You'll develop your ear so you can start playing the things you hear in your head, which means you’ll be able to express every creative idea you have when you’re improvising


  • You'll get PDFs and MP3s for every exercise and every exercise is demonstrated so you're never guessing what to do and it feels like you're jamming with a live band while you practice instead of using a ticking metronome

Here's what other saxophonists just like you are saying...


"All very practical and useful. Certainly helps in my practising and playing. And the lessons are done in an orderly fashion too, no rush, no application of scales that require hours and hours of practice that I find hard to apply"


"I think my biggest takeaway has been to work at your own level. Being new to sax, let alone improv, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and by how complex the improv solos seemed to be - way above my pay grade!! Now I've been really taken by how effective a simple improv can be when you get a good rhythm, stick to a range that fits your skill level and add in the dynamics. It's really clever and cool"


“Excellent! It’s enlightening to watch this “simple” but at the same time, very ”logical” approach. All of these recommendations are applicable to me. And trust me, not just for playing the sax, but life in general”


“I love this. None of my previous teachers ever told me about the "how". They always said "learn the scale" and play what you hear in your head. That's too meta-cognitive. Your lessons just unlocked everything”


"Enjoyed the stuff about tones and owning the sound/ rhythm, it was all great! I enjoy playing sheet music and gaining the confidence and that little bit of understanding to start playing my own. Love the energy and passion with which you've presented your lessons. Let's make some noise!"


"Thanks Jamie. I think my improv has improved a lot since I started listening to you. Learning to keep it simple, concentrate on phrasing, then developing from an original phrase, leaving spaces. Now learning to apply the basic info in playing over tunes with more chord changes is the challenge."


"What fantastic information, useful to all, and critical for most. I am learning so much watching, and appreciate it so much! I’m so glad I found you on the internet that day."


"So much great information. Great breakdown, really love the idea of visceral instead of cerebral, so nice to connect with other musicians that truly FEEL the music and can track the song without counting out loud! Always good counting and practicing, love the track you used in this video! I will definitely apply the “teaching” my finger brain! I definitely want my fingers to know the notes and chords so I don’t have to think!"

Now, here’s the exciting bit...the full Improvisation Mastery course is already mega, but I’ve put together a bonkers special offer to make it even more of a no-brainer! Be warned though - it's only available for a few days...

Bonus #1

"Harmony Zero To Hero" course (value $299)

Even if you were an alien who just landed from Mars you’d be able to understand music theory after this. You’ll learn everything from octaves, scales and chords to guide tones, extensions and arranging techniques. Next time you see a C# minor seven flat five, you won’t be called it C hashtag diameter, I promise you that!

Bonus #2

"De-Mystifying Standards" course (value ($299)

After this course you’ll be able to instantly identify the handful of harmonic devices that are used in EVERY standard, and memorise a whole song in just seconds. I also break down three different standards in detail to show you how it’s done.

Bonus #3

"Rhythmic Development" course (value $197)

The main course will transform how you feel the rhythm in your body, BUT, most people don’t use rhythm creatively or interestingly when they improvise. This will change all that. You’ll learn how to effectively mix up both the rhythmic divisions and the cross rhythm groupings you use, so you can impress even the drummer in your band, and keep your audience engaged whilst still groovin’ hard.

*NEW* Bonus #4

FREE 30 Day Access to the Inner Circle Membership

To say thank you for joining Improvisation Mastery, you'll get UNLIMITED access to my Inner Circle Membership. This is no-strings attached and your card won't be charged or auto-renew at the end of the month. In the ICM you'll get close access to me and you can even join the live Zoom Q+A and ask me anything face-to-face!

But what are these incredible bonuses gonna cost you?

Well, normally the total value of these bonuses is $1,155. However, you’ll get ALL these Bonuses for FREE!

Just to be clear, this deal is only available for a few days, and when it closes it'll be gone for good, so don't miss out!

If you're here, then I already know you're passionate about improving your improvising, but what are your other options to learn this stuff?


Option #1 Take your chances on YouTube

Cost: $0.00

When I last looked there were over 58 million saxophone videos on YouTube. Have you really got the time to go down that rabbit hole? Especially as most of them are ineffective and irrelevant, and almost none of them have the in-depth hidden knowledge that you really need. I’m sure you know Einstein’s famous quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result”.

Option #2 Get a private teacher

Cost: $2,250.00 (30 x $75)

You'll need to find a top pro to teach you the kind of information in Improvisation Mastery, and even then you're gambling that they're a good teacher. And you won't get ANY of those amazing bonuses or the community.

Option #3 Go to music college

Cost: $10,000.00 to $30,000.00+ (hard to estimate)

Improvisation Mastery condenses all my music further education (and more) into one course, so you'd have to do at least 3 years at a conservatoire to learn the material in the course. Even then, you wouldn't have EXPERIENCE of the material and it would take another 10 years of gigging and transcription to make full sense of it. Or...

The Best Option - Invest in Improvisation Mastery!

Cost: Just $497

Get instant lifetime access to the most effective, in-depth knowledge available on improvisation, so you can experience the feeling of freedom and connection you get when you and your saxophone feel like one and you're connected to the other musicians and the audience on a whole new level.

This price includes ALL THE BONUSES!

Join Now For Just $497

"No Questions Asked" 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m super confident that you’re gonna LOVE Improvisation Mastery, but if you change your mind, for ANY reason within 14 days of purchase, just drop an email to [email protected]. You’ll get a full refund, no hard feelings and no questions asked. Even if you’ve already downloaded the MP3s and PDFs!

There’s literally zero risk on your part. All I want is happy saxophonists and happy customers

So, here’s a quick reminder of what you’re getting for your one-off payment of $497…

  • Lifetime access to Improvisation Mastery
  • Music harmony and theory Zero To Hero course
  • De-Mystifying Standards course
  • Rhythmic Development course
  • Lifetime access to the Improvisation Mastery Backstage Hangout
  • 30 days unlimited access to the Inner Circle Membership
  • 14-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee

PLUS...just to say thank you, here's another SURPRISE BONUS...

I'm going to throw in PDF scans of my personal transcription library - that's 23 great solo transcriptions! This bonus alone could transform your improvising! 

  • My unpublished, personal transcription library

And finally...When you can improvise well, you get a deep joy and satisfaction that you’ll never get anywhere else. It’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world, and YOU can have that feeling too. Someone told me...

"I feel like I’m superhuman when I’m able to express myself in the way that I’d like to, musically"

...and that says it all. If YOU’RE ready to start becoming superhuman, your next step is to click the buy now button and jump in to Improvisation Mastery.

Say “yes” to the greatest feeling there is - the freedom and magic of creating your own music in the moment, and deeply connecting with other musicians and your audience. Just click the join now button.

You’ll be taken through checkout, and when your PayPal or credit card payment is made you’ll instantly get an email with a login and password that you can use to get straight into the content.

I can’t wait to see you inside the course!   Jamie :-)

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