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Total Tone Mastery Bundle

Kiss goodbye to a weak tone, reluctant high notes and unexpected squeaks...

..and say hello to the beautiful, consistent sax sound you've always imagined! 

What you'll get:

  • Total Tone Mastery which shows you EXACTLY how to open up and control your tone, which means you'll sound awesome and feel confident playing all your favourite sax songs


  • A Practice Roadmap tailored to your level of experience, so you know EXACTLY what exercises to practice every day, which means you don't have to second guess if you're practicing the right stuff to make progress


  • 4 Bonus Mini-Courses showing you the secrets of successful high notes, low notes, vibrato and growling, which means you can play across any range with ease and your sound will have a pro-sounding, singing quality to it


  • Access to the Total Tone Mastery Backstage Hangout so you can vibe with other students in the course community, which means you won't be on your own through the learning experience


  • 32 MP3 tracks so you can practice the exercises like you're playing with a band, which means you won't get bored and you'll stay motivated and improve faster


  • 'Mouthpieces And Reeds For Dummies' PDF mini-book so you understand how mouthpieces and reeds affect your sound, how you can get every reed in the box working and how you choose a new mouthpiece that works for you


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What People Are Saying:

I started to learn last year September and having a teacher who also plays the clarinet, I was taught to use the "lip rolled in over teeth" embouchure. I've been practising the "lip out" embouchure for a week now and it makes a world of difference. No more sore lip and jaw cramps (before, it was so bad that after a longer practice I couldn't even play for two to three days, which obviously messed up the practice schedule). Furthermore, my lower notes have improved almost instantly and sound a bit richer and louder already.

Petra Vertez (Belgium)

Total Tone Mastery (TTM) is very accessible, and with it’s easily digestible content, seems to be the best course for developing sax sound that I have tried (... and I have tried nearly everything available).  Although much of the information is available in a piecemeal fashion scattered amongst various sources, TTM provides a one stop shop to get it all in one place, no holds barred.  Other sources have some of the bits and pieces, but not completely altogether.  The result being local improvements in one area but still missing in others.  No wonder so many sax players are dissatisfied with their sound ... we have only learned just part of the story. Thank you for giving us this wonderful resource, which with continual persistence will be part of my playing forever.

Paul Klazek

Jamie goes far beyond what I had expected from this course. He delivers each lesson with such enthusiasm and clarity, I can’t help but feel excited! I came here looking to improve my tone and not only am I seeing massive progress, but a complete transformation in myself, as a musician and performer. This course is an absolute must for every budding saxophonist.

Emma Francis (UK)

I've been playing sax for 6 years and like a lot of people, I used YouTube a lot in the early days. While I have made good progress, I have managed to pick up some bad habits and that has meant my tone and intonation have both been inconsistent. I have never been able to figure out why until now - Jamie's TTM course is exactly what I've been looking for. Already, I know that I tend to restrict the vibration of the reed as my notes get higher and I was completely unaware of the importance of the vocal tract. As it applies to me, this is not a course to watch once and then magically expect everything to just fall into place. It requires patience and consistent work over time and I know I'm going to be using and applying what I'm learning for years to come. I love the research that has gone into designing it and I like the fact that Jamie's approach is evidence based and rooted in physiology and physics, as well as years of professional experience. The explanations are very clear as are the demonstrations. I can hear a big difference from the changes I'm making even at this early stage but there is so much more still to work on and further improvements to come. Simply, there is nothing like this course anywhere and it's a game changer for me.

Ghulam Yar (UK)

Before getting pulled into spending hundreds on mouthpieces I decided to get me sorted first. I have enrolled into the Total Tone Mastery course. It is still very early days but improvements are obvious. It sets a foundation to your own sound through breathing embouchure and Larynx control. The correct start to a lifetime of practicing. Jamie Anderson has an impressive Pro CV and I happily don't feel like he is a rep trying to sell me kit unlike most of them. It's a lifetime journey so get your grass route guidance from a proper Pro and real gentleman. My recommendation for the TTM course cannot be greater.

Martin Davies (UK)

Honestly, it's the best thing I've done this year. I hope you guys check out the new program [Total Tone Mastery] and for SURE it's gonna help you...A LOT!! Proven testimony here! lol

Kerrie Stirling (Dubai)