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How cool it would be to be able to take the boring, written notes of your songs or solos and make those notes jump off the page as you perform them with an artistic flare and energy that actually makes your audience feel something.

That might seem like magic to you, but together we’re gonna peel back Oz’s curtain!

From the ground up, I’m gonna walk you through every aspect of musical expression, and how all these phrasing techniques come together to make musical magic come out your horn!

But first, I need to let you in on a little secret…

There’s a hidden epidemic going on in the hobby saxophone world, and it's not good. Who might even be experiencing some of the symptoms? We're talkin' about...

  • squeaks and reed chirps
  • bad intonation
  • fuzzy, popping, spitty, or even non-existent articulation
  • the 'dreaded' note scoops
  • bleating goat vibrato

...and much more.

That's the stuff that makes you cringe when you hear yourself back on shared gig footage or a home recording. I've been there, so I feel your pain my friend.

It’s the elephant in the room in every sax forum, but here's the revelation - it actually all stems from one thing

...faulty phrasing technique.

But maybe I should introduce myself?

I’m pro saxophonist Jamie Anderson...

And I'm here to help you with these frustrating phrasing issues. Why? Cos I live and breathe this stuff! 

In fact, for decades I’ve been having the time of my life playing all over the world with the likes of Chaka Khan, Joan Armatrading, The Temptations and Incognito, and apart from the 6 million views on my YouTube channel, you might know my sax solo on “Love Story (vs Finally)”, which has had over 8 million plays.

I LOVE playing live, but nothing compares to the buzz of helping enthusiastic saxophonists like you break through to a new level, so it bothers me when I see you struggle with the phrasing problems I mentioned above.

So many saxophonists experience these frustrating issues...

But so few overcome them. So, like the Edward Jenner of saxophone, I’ve made it my mission to provide the cure!

It's been a very long time in research and production, but after much blood, sweat and tears, I’m thrilled to finally bring you the solution...

Phrase Like A Pro...

Is a comprehensive online course that will systematically show you how to bring alive the dull written notes of your favourite songs or solos into pro-sounding performances with attention-grabbing phrasing and expression, so you can play with the kind of feeling and emotion that’ll really make your sax sing!

You’ll do this by learning the techniques (like tonguing, ghosting and inflections) one at a time, then embedding these techniques in classic songs and solos across all different genres, each one forensically broken down for you note by note, with a demonstration track and a high quality backing track to play along with.

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Bart Bruchok

"Phrase Like A Pro would be on my desert island list. It’s far and above more comprehensive, more digestible, and more fun than anything else out there online."

Harry Schneider

"A big aha was just how much you can achieve with the movement of your throat and the right vibrato. I was doing both completely wrong until now."

Don Weaver

"Your approach to teaching, demeanour, and way you gently criticise and encourage doing things better is very refreshing and comfortable. I find articulation difficult to hear when listening to the greats, but focusing on it now with this course will help, I'm sure."

Barrie Fox

"Listening to you explain, then actually demo that, is more than pennies dropping as far as I am concerned. It might be a while before I am able to do it without thinking, but at least my wheels will now stay on the right track to get there. As far as I am concerned this course is worth every penny."

Why is Phrase Like A Pro the ultimate method to learn how to transform your performances?

  • Clear progression in manageable steps: so you never feel overwhelmed, resulting in consistent improvement, without confusion or overwhelm
  • Over 100 high quality MP3s: so you can mimic my demos of every lesson and play along with the stunning backing tracks (that sound exactly like the original tracks)
  • Super clear and intuitive course portal: so your learning experience is always smooth and stress-free, no matter how tech challenged you are!
  • Zero-to-hero explanations of every phrasing technique: so your skills will grow and grow with every lesson, until, before you know it, you're expressing your favourite songs and solos with pro-sounding depth and sophistication
  • Note-by-note breakdowns every example song and solo: so you can stop straining to hear what's on the original recording, and start sounding great straight out the gate
  • High quality PDF downloads for every exercise and example: so you can make yourself a practice reference binder to make your practice sessions focused and productive
  • Lifetime access for a one-time investment: so you can return to the lessons any time in the future and you don't have to worry about recurring monthly fees
  • Vocal tract exercises all based on hard science (not guesswork): so you don't have to scratch your head trying to figure out vague and confusing explanations based on hunches instead of the facts
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But it gets better!

Check out the awesome bonuses you'll get for free...

Playing With Other Horns

Transform your skills as a horn section player. Whether it be a big band or a pop, rock or soul horn section, I give you expert guidance on how to be a total pro in the brass section.

This module includes 2 play alongs to sharpen your skills with: the Count Basie classic Splanky, and a special Soul-Funk Medley, both with demos and backing tracks.

Half-Tonguing Deep Dive

The thing that everybody struggles with the most with phrasing is half-tonguing, or ghosting. That's why you've got an entire module dedicated to this topic.

Systematically work through the levels and before you know it you'll be muffle tonguing like a total pro, authentically bringing out the light and shade in every solo.

Transcription (From IM)

You'll gather all the skills you need in the main course (and all the examples will be invaluable) but you'll never be able to take that next step to phrasing mastery without transcribing.

In this special bonus (taken from my landmark Improvisation Mastery program), you'll learn a simple, step-by-step method to master this vital skill.

Rhythmic Development (IM)

Put your hand up if rhythm is a weak area for you? (Cue forest of hands lol) I hear you. And rhythm and groove is probably the most important factor in phrasing, so you've gotta get it right.

That's why you' can develop your rhythmic sophistication in this killer bonus (taken from my landmark Improvisation Mastery course).

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So what are your options to learn awesome phrasing?


Go to music college...

The depth of knowledge here is equivalent to the instrumental tuition you would get at music college. In fact, I WENT to music college and didn't learn most of this stuff! That's big bucks. Something in the region of...

$20,000.00 per year


Study with a top pro saxophonist...

Well, you’d need a year or so of lessons if you went down this route. Maybe more. If you can find them (and if they know how to actually TEACH this stuff), taking fortnightly lessons at $120 an hour would cost you

$3,120.00 per year

...and you wouldn’t have any lessons, MP3s or PDFs to revisit at the end. 


Now here’s the good news...

Phrase Like A Pro isn’t gonna cost you over $3,000.

In fact, it’s not even gonna cost you $1,000.

Not even half that!

Your investment for Phrase Like A Pro is just

$497 USD

...and that’s lifetime access for a one-time payment. No recurring monthly fees to worry about!



That's a box of reeds a month.

People routinely spend that amount on one mouthpiece, and Phrase Like A Pro will have WAY more impact on your playing.

In fact, if you bought a fancy coffee once a week for a year, you’ve already covered your investment...

Talk about a no-brainer, right?!

And you don’t wanna be stuck in the same frustrating place as you are now in another year’s time.

That’s just not fun.

So, let’s get you Phrasing Like A Pro, shall we?





This is zero risk...

If you decide within seven days that Phrase Like A Pro isn’t for you, you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Just email [email protected] and my team will refund you immediately.

So go ahead…kick the tyres…check it all out, you’ve literally got nothing to lose!

Surprise Community Bonus...

Nobody wants to go it alone, right?

That’s boring.

That’s why as a special surprise bonus I’m throwing open a special course community where you can vibe with your fellow Phrase Like A Pro students, and share your frustrations and triumphs TOGETHER.

And guess what, I’m gonna throw that in totally free!

Final reminder of what you get for $497...

  • Phrase Like A Pro
  • 'Playing With Other Horns' Bonus Module
  • 'Half-Tonguing Deep Dive' Bonus Module
  • 'Transcription' Bonus Module
  • 'Rhythmic Development' Bonus Module
  • Phrase Like A Pro Hangout Community
  • Lifetime access
  • 7 day money back guarantee


So, listen...I know you.

You feel the music in your veins.

And at the end of the day, it’s not about hitting the perfect note like an exam - it’s about making that note MEAN something.

Giving it a spark.

Some life.

And that ain’t gonna happen on its own.

You need a guide, and I'd be honoured to be that guide for you...

So hit Join Now, and together, we’ll get you Phrasing Like A Pro in no time!