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What if you had access to the best kept secrets of the pro sax world, allowing you to create the consistent, full tone you've always dreamt of?

If you're frustrated with your thin sound, reluctant high notes and unexpected squeaks, and you can't find the answer on YouTube or with a new mouthpiece, then Total Tone Mastery just might be the solution you've been looking for!

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If you’re reading this then I know you’re interested in developing your sax sound, so here’s a question to get you thinking… 

How come you practice long notes all the time, but you still don’t have a warm pro sound, and you struggle to get low notes out, play in tune or get a consistent sound across the full range of the horn? 

Mouthpiece manufactures will convince you that their product will give you the sound you want, as will the saxophone manufacturers, but here's the dirty secret they don’t want you to know...

a pro player will sound good on virtually ANYTHING they play!

Have you ever upgraded your sax set up, hoping it will transform your sound, only to be disappointed when you realise you still sound almost the same as before? 

What if I told you that controlling your vocal tract and embouchure has FAR more influence on your sound than your equipment does?

Hopefully you’re starting to see that the key to the awesome sound you’ve always wanted is YOU, not your gear.

While you ponder that, let me tell you a quick story...

I started off in exactly the same situation as you, so I can totally relate to your frustration.

In the early days I could have stripped wallpaper with my tone - just ask my mum about the terrible squeaks and strained high notes she had to endure! lol

But after I came back from a summer jazz course in my teens I set my heart on becoming a musician.

I gathered all the information I could from the best teachers I could find and I turned things around, eventually going to a prestigious London music college, armed with a sound I could be proud of.

But I did it all using the same reeds, mouthpiece and sax that I started with.


But why did my practice hours translate to a career as a pro saxophonist, and your practice hours translate to more squeaks and a thin tone?


Well, here’s the answer to that vital question...

After more years of obsessive study and research I finally uncovered the secret formula behind every great sax tone, and you might be surprised what I discovered. 

Having a very relaxed embouchure is vital, but much of the formula revolves around your larynx and vocal tract, and tell me this - how many YouTube videos have you seen recently about increasing the acoustic impedance of your vocal tract by closing your glottis?

Nobody’s talking about it, but it’s one of THE most important techniques you have to master to get the sound you’re searching for!

Once I’d discovered the formula and learned to control all the anatomy hidden inside my throat, my sound just came alive.

Using this surprising formula, I’ve enjoyed a fantastic 25-year career as a pro saxophonist, playing all over the world with some of the world’s biggest artists...

  • Chaka Khan
  • The Temptations
  • Incognito
  • Wet Wet Wet
  • Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  • The Four Tops

...and I owe it all to my calling card...

My Sound

But getting back to the elephant in the room, maybe you’re now thinking “Ok, sure, I’d love to feel the buzz of performing with a consistent, pro-sounding tone - and maybe it’s not all about the gear after all, but... can someone like me, with little knowledge, ever achieve that sound?”

Well, I'm here to tell you that whether you’re sixteen or sixty, there’s only one thing stopping you creating the sound you’ve always imagined and that's

Access to the RIGHT, specialised information.

Anyone can do it - you just need to know HOW!

Well, for the first time, you’ve now got access to the real secrets of pro sound production, in one fully comprehensive, start to finish package. 

Say hello to...

Total Tone Mastery

 About Total Tone Mastery...

It's An Online Only Video Course

You'll enjoy high quality 1080 HD video lessons, showing you exactly how to get the sax sound you've always dreamt of

You Can Access The Lessons From ANY Device

Formatted for any screen, you can stream Total Tone Mastery from any device with an internet connection, so you'll never miss a lesson

It's Simple To Use And Easy-To-Follow

The lessons are presented in a graceful, easy-to-follow interface, your progress is saved between sessions and every exercise is demonstrated step by step

You'll get Lifetime Access With One Fee

For a one-off payment you'll have unlimited access to Total Tone Mastery, and you won't be saddled with recurring monthly fees

Is Total Tone Mastery suitable for YOU?

This course will be a perfect fit for you, if you struggle with...
  • overtones
  • low notes
  • palm key notes
  • altissimo
  • pitch bending
  • growling
  • intonation
  • squeaks
And you'll get huge benefit from the course if you want to improve your...
  • embouchure
  • consistency of tone
  • vocal tract control
  • breathing mechanics
  • air control
  • vibrato
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Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy with Total Tone Mastery...

  • You’ll learn exactly how to breathe and control your air stream so you can properly support your new sound, which means you won’t run out of gas in the middle of a phrase as you perform your favourite song


  • You’ll learn exactly what’s happening “under the hood” of your sax and you’ll finally understand why your altissimo notes aren’t coming out, which means you can start to master that third octave without busting your lip or getting frustrated


  • You’ll learn exactly how to form the perfect embouchure so you can eliminate squeaks and confidently play with a smooth, rounded sound


  • You’ll learn vocal tract exercises based on new cutting edge scientific data captured from inside the vocal tract, so you know exactly how to move your vocal cords, larynx, throat and tongue, which means you won’t have to rely on wishy washy descriptions from YouTube based on hunches and feelings


  • You’ll learn a new method for long tones that will give you a consistent sound from top to bottom, and you’ll find out why your current long notes practice might be doing more harm than good
  • You’ll learn how to make your sound brighter or darker WITHOUT changing mouthpieces, so you can adapt your tone quality and play in any genre without altering your set up


  • You’ll discover why I call overtones practice “The Mothership”, and you’ll learn the single most important, bang-for-buck daily exercise that will transform your intonation and give you a full, pro-sounding tone


  • You’ll get a complete practice plan based on your level of experience, so you know exactly what to work on, which means you won’t have to second guess if you’re practicing the right things each day


  • You’ll get easy to understand, step-by-step breakdowns of every technique needed to master low notes and palm key notes, allowing you to confidently play across the whole range of the horn, which means you can finally get rid of those vague, hard-to-understand method books 


  • You’ll learn the most effective, bang-for-buck exercises that actually work, so you can make the MOST progress in the LEAST time, which means you’re not wasting your precious time on practice routines you’ve always done that don’t work

Here's what other saxophonists just like you are saying...


If you're here then I already know you're passionate about improving your sax sound, but what are your other options, and what would they cost?


Basically, you’ve got 5 options...


  • Option #1 Give up your dream of ever having a great tone

Cost: $0

You wouldn’t still be HERE if you wanted that. You’re here because you want that rich, even sound and you want to feel proud of your tone. You know there must be a way, but HOW?


  • Option #2 Take your chances on YouTube

Cost: $0

When I last looked there were over 58 million saxophone videos on YouTube. Have you really got the time to go down that rabbit hole? Especially as most of them are ineffective and irrelevant, and almost none of them have the in-depth hidden knowledge that you really need. I’m sure you know Einstein’s famous quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result”.


  • Option #3 Get a 1-2-1 teacher

Cost: (10 lessons) $400 - $1,300

Unless you strike gold, $40 an hour will get you a local teacher who teaches you how to get a thin sax sound by playing like a clarinetist, and if you can find a real top pro who even teaches, you’re looking at more like 100 to 150 dollars an hour. But even then, despite having a killer tone themselves, they might not have studied the latest scientific data from inside the vocal tract, and might not have the in-depth knowledge you really need.


  • Option #4 Buy your way out of it

Cost: $1,700 - $16,000

As we discovered earlier, the gold standard method of improving your tone is to try and buy your way out of it. A new mouthpiece can be anything from $200 to $900 and a new saxophone will cost you anything from $1500 to $15000. And let’s not forget experimenting with reeds at $40 a box or even ligatures from $40 to $400. Does it work? Not really.

 Or finally...

  • Option #5 - Buy Total Tone Mastery

    Cost: $197

Get instant lifetime access to the most effective, in-depth knowledge available on sound production, so you can learn how to create the pro sax sound you’ve always imagined and feel confident and joyous performing your favourite songs. It's a total no-brainer.

You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to Total Tone Mastery, but even if you just used it for one year, it's cheaper than a cup of coffee PER WEEK! Surely you value your sax sound more than one cup of Joe a week?!

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"No Questions Asked" 14-Day refund Policy

I’m super confident that you’re gonna LOVE Total Tone Mastery, but if you change your mind, for ANY reason within 14 days of purchase, just drop an email to [email protected]

You’ll get a full refund, no hard feelings and no questions asked.

Even if you’ve already finished the whole course

There’s literally zero risk on your part. All I want is happy saxophonists and happy customers

Now, here’s the exciting bit - to take your sound and expression to the next level, I’ve put together a very special Bonuses Package.

4 Extra Modules

(Value $80)

The Bonus Package contains four additional modules that just wouldn’t fit into the main course. In these additional modules you’ll learn…

  • Four different embouchure options and multiple exercises to master your low notes, so you can vary your tone and perform in the low range with a new feeling of confidence


  • Exactly how to play subtone so you can produce that lush velvety jazz sound, which means you can purr through your favourite jazz ballads sounding like Lester Young or Sonny Rollins


  • Exactly what to do with your embouchure and vocal tract to nail the palm key notes so you can eliminate those frustrating donkey noises and soar into the upper register with a strong, rounded tone


  • A step by step walk through of vibrato so you can learn it properly from the ground up, which means you can bring that beautiful singing quality to your tone that makes audiences fall in love with saxophone the world over


  • Three different techniques to get a growl so you can mix and match the technique you use in a creative way, which means you’ll get that authentic gravelly sound when you play blues, funk, pop or rock

Bonus MP3s

(Value $21)

On top of that you’ll be able to download the 32-track Bonus Package MP3s, which is a collection of high quality custom tracks produced in the studio by me, specifically for this course. With these MP3, you can…


  • Play along with the exercises so you keep in tune and in time, which means you’ll feel like you’re jamming with a live band while you master the new techniques you need to create your dream sound


  • Work on your mouthpiece drills at the right pitch which means you won’t need to be next to a piano to practice 


  • Practice your overtones with the drone tracks so you can focus on your sound without wondering if you’re in tune or not


  • Play along with the exercises on any saxophone as all the exercises have MP3s for Bb and Eb transpositions

Backstage Hangout

(Value $300)

But on top of the extra modules and MP3s, here’s one of the biggest benefits of the Bonus Package - you’ll have

lifetime access to the Total Tone Mastery Backstage Hangout

This is a private, Facebook-style community forum, where you can hang out and chat with all the other like-minded saxophonists studying the material -

exactly like real musicians hangout with each other backstage at gigs

and there’s no additional monthly fees. 

 You can exchange ideas, share your successes, see if anyone else has been facing the same challenges as you, and

you won’t feel alone

as you make your way through the course and beyond. I’ll even hang out with you guys myself when I get the chance.

But what are these incredible bonuses gonna cost you?

Well, normally these bonuses have a value of $401.00, however, you'll get all these bonuses for

 ONLY $52

So, instead of paying $598.00 for the Basic Package AND the Bonuses, you'll pay only $249

Buy the Bonus Package now for $249

Here's a quick summary of the benefits, to help you decide which package is the best fit for you...




  • Lifetime Access to 10 Modules in Total Tone Mastery 
  • PDF downloads of all the exercises
  • Easy to follow interface and 1080 HD video lessons
  • 14-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee

Bonus Package



  • All the features from the Basic package, plus...
  • 4 Bonus Modules (low notes, high notes, vibrato, growling)
  • Lifetime access to the "Backstage Hangout" forum
  • 32 MP3 backing tracks to make practicing easy

Platinum Package



  • All the features from the Bonus Package, plus...
  • A one hour 1-2-1 lesson with me via Zoom
  • A year's access to the Platinum VIP Room forum
  • A year's access to the Platinum VIP monthly Coaching Calls

If you wanna start creating your dream sound today, just click the BUY NOW button.

You’ll be taken through cheque out, and when your payment is made you’ll instantly get an email with a login and password that you can use to get straight into the content and start learning the formula that will help you achieve the sound you’ve always imagined.

Don’t forget to check the FAQs at the bottom of the page for any other questions and I can’t wait to see you inside the course!

Jamie :-)

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