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Free Masterclass! Wanna Practice LESS But Improve FASTER?

Hi, I'm pro saxophonist Jamie Anderson! If you want to upgrade your sax skills, so you can keep in time with backing tracks, get a great sound across the whole horn or confidently improvise an awesome solo, then this in-depth one hour Saxophone Success Masterclass could be the most transformative thing you've watched this year

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What you'll learn...

Improve Your Sound

Learn how to get a rich, even sound from the low notes to the high notes

Be more proficient

Learn effective breathing, efficient finger movement and correct body position

Secret Fingerings

Learn alternative fingerings, how to get a growl sound and other tips!

...and much more!

I'll show you how to practice LESS but improve FASTER!

In this FREE in-depth Saxophone Success Masterclass you'll learn...

  • How to choose your best setup and why you might be wasting your time on mouthpieces
  • Effective body position and how to move your fingers to play faster with fewer "bobbles" between notes
  • Effective breathing to support a big sound and get those low and high notes out every time
  • Embouchure and the "secret sauce" of using your larynx to sound more like a pro
  • Why scales don't have to be boring and why you might be wasting your time on scales at the moment
  • Exactly HOW and WHAT you should be practicing with a daily practice routine laid out for you
  • How to play more convincing solos WITHOUT learning any new scales or complex theory
  • A load of pro secret tips for alternative fingerings, multiphonics and how to instantly tell if you've got a dud horn
  • PLUS! You'll get a FREE 5-page PDF with musical examples and links to all the resources you need

I've been a pro saxophonist for over 25 years, playing at venues like The Blue Note Tokyo, Glastonbury Festival and Munich's Olympic Stadium with artists such as Wet Wet Wet, Chaka Khan, The Temptations, the X-Factor TV Big Band and Incognito.

Sax is my thing and in this exclusive masterclass I'll show you all my secrets! 

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