#6 How To Play The Fortnite "Phone It In" Emote On Sax

In this week's lesson you'll learn how to play the sax part from the "Phone It In" Emote from the Epic Games video game Fortnite. You can get the free PDF for this lesson here, which has the notes for alto AND tenor sax.
This lesson is part of my Hall Of Fame series, in which I'll give you clear and simple tutorials on how to play the world's most iconic and famous sax hooks and solos. Every video lesson has full fingerings, note names and a free PDF (linked in the description) with the notes written out for alto AND tenor sax. I'm super passionate about my sax hooks and combined with my slight OCD tendency you can be 100% sure that I'm giving you the right notes and rhythms!
Clicking on the time stamp will take you straight to that portion of the video on youtube (in a separate tab). Full Time stamps for the video and a complete transcript are at the bottom of the blog.
What is Fortnite Battle Royal anyway? (0:56)
  • Fortnite is a free multi-player online game that can be accessed on a variety of devices
  • 100 players at a time compete in a synced up interactive Hunger Games style arena
  • players gather in a waiting "lobby" before being sky dived into a last man standing battle for survival on a post apocalyptic island battle zone
Ok, but what's an Emote? (1:04)
  • an emote is a specific gesture that your avatar character can perform within Fortnite
  • emotes may be purchased as an add on to the otherwise free game
  • "Phone It In" is the name for one of these Emotes and your character picks up and sax, dances and plays the melody hook you're learning here. It's pretty cool.
Can I play "Phone It In" on any sax? (1:32)
  • I teach you the notes for alto sax, which is the original instrument used
  • to play it on tenor sax instead click here for the PDF with the written music for alto AND tenor sax
  • remember that you'll probably want to take the tenor sax version down the octave as it's very high!
  • you can transpose all the notes up three semitones for guitar or piano pitch
What are the notes for the "Phone It In" Emote from Fortnite?
  • I've broken the hook into 4 phrases to make it easier to learn... (*=2nd octave, **=3rd octave)
  • phrase 1 (1:49) is here - E* C# F#* C# A* C# E* F#*
  • phrase 2 (2:16) is here - C# E* C# F#* C# A* F#* C# E* F#* A* B*
  • phrase 3 (2:53) is here - E* F#* A* B* D** C#* A* F#* E* F#* A* C#* B* A* F#*
  • phrase 4 (3:38) is here - F#** E** C#*
  • putting it all together sounds like this (slowly), this (faster) and this (full speed)
How do I get that split sound on the top F#? (3:51)
  • in phrase 4 the high F# (on alto) is played with what's called a "multi-phonic". This means playing 2 notes at once.
  • alto saxophonist David Sanborn made this famous - for example, check out this, this and this
  • obviously you can't play two different notes on sax with two different fingerings, so to get that cool split, distorted sound you have to finger a top F# but relax your jaw and mouth so that the note breaks up and you get the main note with a mix of a harmonic partial underneath it, blended with the main note
  • splitting the top F# with a multi-phonic can be done with more than one fingering (3:51). Don't stress if you can't get it going straight away, it's a difficult technique used mainly by very advanced players!
So that's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed learning how to play the Phone It In emote from Fortnite Battle Royal. Don't forget to go to the Hall Of Fame series to learn a load of other wicked sax hooks and next week it's a big one...Careless Whisper by George Michael! See you there. Jamie :-)
Video Time Stamps

0:00 - intro and titles

0:56 - what is Fortnite?

1:09 - what's an emote?

1:15 - the "phone it in" emote

1:32 - intro to the alto notes and how to transpose it

1:50 - phrase 1

2:16 - phrase 2

2:53 - phrase 3

3:38 - phrase 4

3:51 - how to play the top F# on alto

4:54 - playing the whole thing (slowly)

5:25 - playing the whole thing (faster)

5:44 - playing the whole thing (full speed)

6:17 - sign off


Video Transcript
I'm pro saxophonist Jamie Anderson this is Get Your Sax Together, and on this video you're gonna learn how to play the alto sax theme featured on the "Phone It In" emote from Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7, and no kids I am NOT going to do the dance!

This free sax lesson is part of my Sax Hall of Fame series where I walk you through the RIGHT way to play your favorite iconic sax hooks.

If you're enjoying the content as usual please subscribe down below and "ring the bell" to get notified of new videos. For those of you not between the ages of 9 and 15 fortnight is a free multi-platform battle for survival computer game in which your avatar character can be enhanced with additional outfits or skins and gestures called "emotes". The "Phone It In" emote lets your warrior rock out on alto sax like this...So let's break it down!

So all the notes I'm going to give you are the notes for alto sax which is the original instrument used but, if you're able to, you can transpose it up a fourth, that's five semitones, for tenor sax, or up a minor third, that's three semitones, for a guitar or a piano. Okay so let's break it down.

The first phrase is going to start on E, and we're doing E, C#,F#, C#,A, C#,E, F#

So if we join all that up then

Now the second phrase starts C#, E, C#F#, C#

Then A, with a sort of bend on it. 

Then F#, C#E, F# and then A, B.

I'll play that one more time, the second phrase…

Okay the third phrase is gonna be E, F#, A, B, D

then C#, A, F#, E, F#, A

then C#, B, A, F#

So, putting together the whole third phrase…

So far, so good!

So the fourth phrase is only three notes, which is top F#, top E, C#.

Now I think the original saxophonist did a side F with the top F# key, however, I've got a mark 6 and I don’t have a top F# key. The other thing about this top F# is the way it cracks with a sort of multiphonics crack. Now the way I'm doing it is I’ve got my front F key on and then the A, miss the third finger, I've got all my fingers down 1 2 3 in the right hand and the side Bb key. Now if you hit that just right that note will crack with that multiphonics split like the original.....like that.

And then what I do is I go to the front E for the next note because it's easier to switch from that F# to that E. So it's front F, the second finger and the third finger all in your left hand, with the octave key of course, so that's that's the front E.

And then the final C# which has got that bend on it.

Ok cool, let's put those four phrases together in slow motion.

Okay now we'll play it a little bit faster…

Okay now for battle speed…

Okay, thanks for watching. If you're really enjoying the content please do subscribe down below, "ring the bell" for notifications and there'll be more Sax Hall Of Fame lessons on Get Your Sax Together next time. See you later!

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