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S02E02 VLOG How To Make A Sax Tuition Video

sax vlog Jun 19, 2020

Sometimes I like to let you all see what happens "behind the scenes" with Get Your Sax Together, so this informal and amusing vlog let's you see exactly what it takes to produce a YouTube sax tuition video. No Q&As for this one as the video says it all, but below is the full transcript.


Jamie :-)


Video Transcript

hi I'm pro saxophonist Jamie Anderson, you're watching Get Your Sax Together
and on this special welcome to my world vlog I'm gonna run you through my exact
process for producing a Hall of Fame video. In this case it's gonna be Night
Train, which comes out on July 26th [2020]. It does go on a bit! lol I don't know, maybe
there'll be a few...

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