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#86 How To Play The Sax On "Pick Up The Pieces" by The Average White Band

I'm so excited about bringing you this week's lesson on Pick Up The Pieces by the Average White Band! Firstly, it's one of my favourite tracks of all time, but on top of that I've got three fantastic musicians to record the rhythm track this week. It's helluva funky folks! At 10:08 you can hear us play the whole song from start to finish.

Be sure to pick up your free PDF sheet music for Pick Up The Pieces, which has got the whole song written out, for alto AND tenor. You'll also get the harmony parts, a transcription of my tenor solo and a structure sheet to print off. Here are the Q&A topics covered in this lesson, with video time stamps (min:sec)....


#83 Elated Nation - A Joyful Original Composition For Saxes & Percussion

performances Aug 16, 2020

Instead of the usual free online sax lesson, I've got something a bit different for you this week. I'm often asked where people can hear me perform (it's nice to hear your teacher actually play I guess), and as nobody can perform anywhere right now in this Covid world pandemic I've brought a performance to you right here on the channel instead!

I used play in a saxophone ensemble called Saxtet - a five saxophone group playing original compositions and arrangements. Recently, Karen Street emailed me to see if I had some missing parts for some of the tunes and I had a good rifle through my old Saxtet folder. This made me remember some of the original compositions I had done for the group...


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