#48 Learn To Play Silent Night On Sax (As A Jazz Waltz)

beginner christmas Dec 15, 2019

In this free video lesson, for absolute beginners on ANY saxophone, you'll learn how to play the classic Christmas song, Silent Night, but I've put together a jazz waltz backing track for you play along to, with full fingerings, note names and music for Eb and Bb saxes.
You can find my Complete Beginner's Series here for all beginner lessons, plus the full Christmas Sax Playlist here.
There's also a free pdf with the sheet music written out for alto AND tenor sax.
Here are the Q&A topics covered in this lesson, with video time stamps (min:sec). Clicking on the time stamp will take you straight to that portion of the video on youtube (in a separate tab). Full Time stamps for the video and a complete transcript are at the bottom of the blog.
Is it easy to play Silent Night on sax? (0:15)
  • yes, it's pretty easy to play Silent Night on sax. Not as easy as Jingle Bells, but still quite manageable for beginners on sax
  • the notes are nice and long and slow, but the jazz waltz backing track makes it sound great!
Can I play Silent Night on any sax?
What are the sax notes for Silent Night?
There are only 4 phrases to learn (an * means second octave, so use the octave key)
  • phrase 1 for ALTO (0:33) A__B A F#__ A__B A F#__ E*__E* C#__ D*__D* A__
  • phrase 2 for ALTO (1:27) B__B D* C# B A__B A F#__ (x2)
  • phrase 3 for ALTO (2:13) E*__E* G* E* C# D*__F#*__
  • phrase 4 for ALTO (2:44) D* A F# A__G E D_____
  • phrase 1 for TENOR (0:33) D*__E* D* B__ D*__E* D* B__ A*__A* F#*__ G*__G* D*__
  • phrase 2 for TENOR (1:27) E*__E* G* F#* E* D*__E* D* B__ (x2)
  • phrase 3 for TENOR (2:13) A*__A* C* A* F#* G*__B*__
  • phrase 4 for TENOR (2:44) G* D* B D*__C A G_____
Is there a backing track for Little Donkey I can use? (5:10)
So I hope you enjoy learning and performing Silent Night (re-imagined) and I'll see you next week for Wham's Last Christmas! Jamie :-)
Video Time Stamps

0:00 - teaser performance

0:15 - brief intro

0:33 - phrase 1 (slow with fingerings)

1:03 - phrase 1 (faster with note names)

1:27 - phrase 2 (slow with fingerings)

1:47 - phrase 2 (faster with note names)

2:13 - phrase 3 (slow with fingerings)

2:30 - phrase 3 (faster with note names)

2:44 - phrase 4 (slow with fingerings)

3:01 - phrase 4 (faster with note names)

3:17 - intro to my performance

3:43 - backing track with me playing

5:03 - now it's your turn


6:37 - sign off

7:08 - outro music and cards


Video Transcript
I'm continuing the theme this week of bringing you easy Christmas songs that you can play if you're a beginner on sax, although even if you're more advanced you can still enjoy playing these songs because the backing tracks are pretty lush! We're doing a very very simple Christmas Carol called Silent Night, so here we go, here's the first phrase, played nice and slowly for you…

Now here's the first phrase played slightly faster…

Now here's the second phrase of the song, played slowly…

Now that second phrase, played a little bit faster…

Now, quick note - that second phrase, you're gonna repeat it in the song so you’ve got the first phrase, and then you repeat the second phrase, which is exactly the same twice in a row. So, moving on now to the third phrase, here it is played nice and slowly for you…

Now the third phrase played a little bit faster for you…

And the final phrase sounds like this, played nice and slowly…

So here is the final phrase, phrase 4, played a bit quicker…

In this next performance, where I played the whole thing through for you, I decided to play it on soprano, so thought it'd be quite nice, and for all you soprano players I don't want to leave you out with the wind on the channel either, and then after this, I'm gonna run the backing track and you can play it for yourself. Just for fun, or for your friends and family. So stringing it all together it's going to sound like this. Remember there's a little introduction there as well, so wait for the intro, and then you're in. Here's what it sounds like…

Now it's your turn - I'm gonna run the backing track. Remember there's that little introduction in there. Have fun, here we go, enjoy yourself!

That's it for another festive week on and Get Your Sax Together. Hope you enjoyed learning how to play Silent Night - we'll be back for one more Christmasy week, I don't know what I'm going to do yet, haven't planned it, and you'll have to tune in to find out what it is! If you enjoy the channel please do subscribe, ring the bell to be notified when I upload new stuff, go check out my Instagram feed, and of course, don't forget to go and get your free pdf down in the description, with a beautiful piece of music written out for alto and tenor. So enjoy the festive season and I'll see you next week. Take it easy!

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